Valuations for Insurance

An Insurance valuation is an informed opinion given by a valuer based upon many years of experience allied to formal training in gemology and other specialist areas of product knowledge. Valuations need to be undertaken today to the very high standards demanded by the Institute of Registered Valuers.

As members of the NAG we are very pleased to be able to offer you the services of a highly qualified, award winning jewellery valuer with many years’ experience and a vast area of expertise.

At Kaizen Antiques & Jewellery we hold a monthly Jewellery Valuation Day, (usually on the first Saturday of the month, but please do check our list of dates below for any alterations). If you require a valuation for insurance, probate, family division or open market purposes then all you need to do is book a place.

Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA FIRV Ltd offers a comprehensive, independent and professional jewellery and watch valuation service. For more information please have a look on her website  www.sdmvaluations.co.uk

To book a place you can call us on 01634 814132 or email us at info@kaizenantiques.co.uk. We will take your booking and send you a form to fill in and return to us when you drop in your items of jewellery. We usually ask that your items be dropped in to the shop the day before your valuation as this gives us a chance to clean your jewellery so it is looking its best in the photos on your paperwork. All items stay on the premises and are stored securely overnight. You will receive a phone call on the day of the valuation day as soon as your jewellery has been assessed and is ready for collection. Paperwork follows approximately 10 days to 4 weeks after the assessment.

Your valuation paperwork is supplied to you in the form of a bound folder where each item is described in depth and shown in digital photographs; this is for your own records. We also supply an Insurer’s summary and notification document which you can send to your insurer.

Our dates for 2022 are as follows:

  • 15th January
  • 12th February
  • 5th March
  • 9th April
  • 7th May
  • 11th June
  • 2nd July
  • 13th August
  • 3rd September

It is very important that your valuations are kept up to date; this ensures that if the worst should happen, and your jewellery is lost or broken that you are insured for the correct amount. It also ensures that you are not over-insured and paying more than you need to be to insure your items.

Valuation Day Prices.

Document fee plus first standard item £120.00
Each subsequent gem set item £60.00
Each subsequent plain/non gem set item £40.00
Per group of similar lower value items non gem set £75.00 (Maximum 5 items in a group)
Premium items e.g. single diamond over 1.0ct £75.00 per carat

Example 1:

A valuation consisting of 4 items, one of which is a plain Gold item, would be priced as follows:

Document including first item £120.00
Two items at £60.00 £120.00
One plain item £40.00
Total £ 280.00

Example 2:

A valuation consisting of 2 items, one of which was a premium item would be priced as follows:

Document including first item £120.00
One 2.00ct single stone premium item at £75.00 per carat £150.00
Total £270.00

Note: Premium items are those that take longer to research, such as diamonds over 1.0ct in weight, large multi-stone items and antique or rare items. However most items are charged at standard rate.

If you have any queries regarding valuations please do give us a call or email us.